Home Solutions

Market Strategy

We help ensure the best experience for your brand by providing a comprehensive "go-to-market" strategy for getting manufacturers' products delivered and installed in the marketplace. We offer channel strategies, networking, merchandising and the best installation options for your product. From smart home products to surveillance and security systems; InstallerNet has a solution for you.

Research & Development

We physically examine, evaluate and install every new product that comes out of production and build programs specific to our client's needs. This ensures that we fully test the functionality, compatibility and performance of each product before it gets to consumers and installers.

Complete Scheduling Solution

TSS is InstallerNet's leading business management and point-of-sale system. The features are designed to automate, manage and track daily operations such as scheduling, work orders, invoices, inventory and receivables along with your installer and business performance and profitability.

Dealer Locator

A Dealer Locator that does much more than simply list addresses and distance. We work with our manufacturers and retailers to track and maintain detailed information about each location including store hours, installation capability and certifications, store images and facility attributes along with retailer mission statements.

InstallCard Program

Selling installation with products is now possible without spending the capital to build the solution yourself. Manufacturers include an InstallCard inside the product box and label the exterior to notify shoppers of the available installation options, helping your sales increase and returns go down. Expand product sales through new channels with an installation solution.

Installation Support

InstallerNet's 24/7 support center allows for easy scheduling and customer satisfaction. The technical-support help desk allows installers access to guidance if required. InstallerNet's complete installation solutions guarantee effective scalability.

Training and Certification

All the installers within our network are fully trained through our University program. Depending on your home service, InstallerNet requires up-to-date licensing for electricians, HVAC and other specialty fields. Manufacturer program-specific training is provided through InstallerNet's online webinars, email notifications, direct mailings, and postings on the member center Facebook page. Each member has to pass an online test to be qualified as an installer of any new product supported in the InstallerNet network.